Wednesday, July 28, 2010

38 weeks

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks!
Im feeling pretty good, ready to meet my girl! Tim say's she can't come until after this weekend because he wants to go fishing :) I told him I'll do my best to keep her in, but no promises!
38 Weeks!

Woodcutting. I thought this would put me into labor for sure, but no such luck.

Using my belly as a table!

Our new camper!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

36 WKS

Today is a special day.. 1 because it's Tim's b-day and 2 we are @ an important week. 36! At this point if the baby came early our hospital would deliver me here instead of life flighting me to Boise...what a relief!! McKenzie's (or baby Mac as Tim calls her) room is all done and ready for her, all I have left to do is a huge pile of baby clothes laundry. I've been putting it off for a few weeks and Monday I started one load and our dryer broke! so now we are waiting for the part to

Here is a 36 wk update and a few pictures.
*Your baby measures about 20.7 inches from head to toe and weighs about 6 pounds. The baby may drop lower in your abdomen, usually assuming the head-down position. You're in the home stretch; after this week, you'll be seeing your doctor weekly. You may be alternating between feeling exhausted and having extra bursts of energy. Along with backache and pelvic pain.*

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Week 35

Here are a few pics of the baby's room, and from our 4th of July weekend.