Friday, August 26, 2011

1 Year

My little tiny baby is 1, well as of Wednesday she is. I so wanted to write this on the actual day but I was to busy spending it with the birthday girl.

As of today, Kenzie has been so happy and healthy, I feel so lucky to have been blessed with her in mine and Tim's (who will now be called Great White Hunter) life.
Parenthood has definitely been more challenging than what I thought it would be, but that's usually how it goes right? Nothing is ever too easy I have come to learn, but wow! what an amazing experience it has been, and nothing as been as rewarding as being in her life.
My favorite things have been watching her grow, watching her learn to smile, roll over, sit up, feed herself, well it's kinda like she feeds herself..... or the dog or cat or Tim & I and most recently we now have to feed the deer above our table before she will even consider taking a bite
She loves to be outside playing in the dirt with the water hose. My flower pots are mysteriously uprooted about once a week, hmmm...
I adore watching her & Great Hunter play, he adores her so, and she is such a daddy's girl that whenever he is around she is his little shadow.
I would not change ONE thing about this past year, and while I rocked her to sleep tonight and felt those soft little baby fingers around my neck I couldn't help but think that I am the luckiest mamma in the world! I have a healthy, happy girl who is so vibrant and full of life, and hubby who loves me so.
My cup runneth over.

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